Hi! I’m Jane and I love baked goods. I enjoy eating them as well as making them. I’ve been baking since I was around 9 years old and love trying and inventing new recipes.

Since around 2010, I’ve been avoiding glutens, thanks to initial advice from an acupuncturist then motivation to continue avoiding them once I discovered that the daily stomach aches waking me up in the morning had gone away. Over the years, I’ve also become more strict about cutting out dairy and eggs. I try to follow a low FODMAP diet these days - and feel better and have more energy as a result!

It was hard to adjust my diet and my lifestyle to avoid multiple foods, so for many years I just stopped baking from scratch. Eventually, I was able to find gluten-free pastries, first in bakeries near where I lived in Los Angeles and Oakland, then in cities I would visit when traveling (New York, Portland, and San Diego have some great options!), and later through mixes. Then, as I realized what might be possible texture-wise in gluten-free baked goods, I started wanting to bake from scratch again. I also wanted to try to make baked goods that I grew up with - and craved - but couldn’t find anywhere else.

I started making candy in 2020 as a hobby during the global pandemic, as healthier treats for my husband, niece, and nephews. I started with sour fruit gumdrops then branched out to hard candies, eventually buying large silicone molds so I could make larger batches in uniform shapes. I continue to play around with various flavors to develop a dynamic and unique menu. 

My sister and her family are allergic to nuts so I try to incorporate ingredients that have a “nutty” flavor and texture (such as sesame seeds and buckwheat kernels) without using nuts. 

I started this business in 2022 as a way to share my creations with the world. Since no one else in my family avoids glutens, one goal is to make baked goods that even people who eat glutens (and dairy, and eggs, and nuts) will want to eat. When those people crave my cookies or brownies, then I know that recipe is a keeper!

Baking and candy-making bring me joy and I hope you can feel that in my products. While I am very proud of the original recipes I have developed, I enjoy creating new combinations of flavors and textures - in both baked goods and candies. I also enjoy incorporating various flavors from Asia and the Pacific, including matcha, yuzu, ginger, and sesame. I hope you will enjoy my products whether you avoid glutens, dairy, and other things - or not!